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*This article/review about the Baitcloud was written first in French and then translated into English, so the translation was difficult and will not be perfect. 

Hello everyone!
Today I will talk about the famous magic balls; the Baitcloud who are a Canadian company with great potential.
You have probably crossed a few videos on the social network that demonstrate their effectiveness, personally I was very septic about the performance of this little ball, but after many tests I changed my mind quickly because of these attractive properties that bring the fish to you .

What is Baitcloud?
Baitcloud is a ball that we throw in a spot of our favorite water where we want better productivity. For example, a bay, a structure where the fish is difficult, a lake or a ice fishing hole in the area where the tipups are installed. Obviously if you throw this ball in a spot where there is a lot of water flow, it will be lost, because the ball will not stay in the desired area.


How Baitcloud work?
When the ball touches the water, it immediately activates and creates a cloud of oxygen, like the pellets we put in our aquariums, the bubbles created by this cloud emits vibrations and a sound that imitates the sound of Baitfish, these balls also emit an odor that will attract the target species. What I like most, there are small flakes that escape the cloud and reflects to the light, personally I tried these balls mainly for ice fishing, and sometimes in your shiner bucket you see alot of small scale that the minnows lost, and well the little flakes look very similar, it look like bait-fish was made ravaged by an attack. All this together created a fatal weapon to attract the target fish.
The ball lasts at least 2-3 minutes which is enough to attract the fish, because the cloud created is relatively big, but some have tested it and had bubbles during a good 20minute.


Here is a small video that demonstrates the effectiveness of the ball with largemouth bass.

As I mentioned earlier, I use it mostly when I fish on ice, you probably noticed that some day there is a lot of people fishing the same areas as us, and I would say that 90% of people in the on ice fishing fish with minnows so the Baitcloud can greatly help to attract the fish in your fishing area because you have a little extra for the fish. I also met some people who found a way to attach them directly to their tipup, which prevents the ball from going in the water stream, I am currently working on a way to be able to make it. The first time I tried it, I was on the ice with a friend and we had no action, so I decided to throw a ball into a hole, after about 10min, we had several attacks on our tipup, and we have released 3 different species in a very short time including a beautiful pike, a walleye and a burbot.


I also intend to use it during my kayak fishing expedition. Often I plan my fishing day according to charts because of course I can not move places as quickly as a boat. For example if I fish largemouth bass, and my structures like a flats do not give me the desired results, the ball would help me to group more fish around the structure.
This may also be very interesting for shore-anglers or carp anglers who often stay in the same area for the day.

Baitcloud is offered in different options depending on the species concerned;


Baitcloud products can be found almost anywhere in  store, in fact all the stores in my area have them, so I imagine it will be relatively easy for you to find them.
The tube containing 3 balls are about $ 10.99, you can also buy them directly on the Baitcloud site, you just have to click HERE .

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